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Tool to facilitate OpenStack’s Volume Back up/Restore workflow using Cinder Backup Service.


  • Backup/Restore all volumes:
    • From the tenant
    • From all tenants accessible by provided credentials
    • Backups can be hidden to owner tenants if done by admin
    • Admin can easily restore either his backups or tenants and make them visible/invisible to original tenant.
  • Backup rotation: Can limit how many automatic backups are kept for each volume
  • Can restore by original volume id or by backup id
  • Optional preservation of volume’s original volume name and description
  • Backup in-use volumes through a temporary snapshot and volume creation/destruction
  • Export/Import all automatic backups metadata at once into one file

Cinder Volume Back Up Automation 8

In my previous post on OpenStack’s volume backups I gave an overview of Cinder’s Backup service current status and I mentioned that some of the limitations that currently exist could be easily overcome scripting a helper tool. In this post I’m going to explain different options to create such a script and provide one as a sample/reference. Automate what? Among current Cinder Backup service limitations these are some things that can be automated: Backup in-use volumes keeping reference to original […]