About /me

Are you into Python, Cloud technology, Open Source, or programming in general?

Then you’ll feel right at home in this technically centered blog!


Whether you are an OpenStack user, contributor, or just interested in knowing more about it you’ll find useful information here, with tips and tricks, insights on some of the internal mechanisms, updates on the progress of features, and things to come that have just been decided in the design sessions.

Most OpenStack information will revolve around the block storage service, since that’s my primary focus as part of the upstream Cinder Core Team, but there will also be information related to other components and general OpenStack topics.

But OpenStack won’t be the only topic of this blog, and you’ll also find coverage of other topics as well as information on my weekend side projects.

There are many reasons why I write these posts, but probably the most important one is my strong belief in the value and power of knowledge sharing.

My Computer Science experience includes the fields of Artificial Intelligence -chosen specialty in college-, Embedded Systems -with over 10 years experience-, Mobile Payments -during my London period-, and Storage and Cloud Computing -now working for Red Hat on OpenStack from Madrid-.

Have a look around and leave a comment with your questions, or send me a tweet if there’s a specific topic you would like me to cover in the future.