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Google Cloud Storage Python client.

The idea is to create a client with similar functionality to Google’s appengine-gcs-client but intended for applications running from outside Google’s AppEngine.

Cloud Storage documentation can be found at Google.

Available features:

  • Creating buckets
  • Deleting buckets
  • Listing buckets in a project
  • Getting default bucket for a project
  • Getting bucket attributes
  • Listing objects in a bucket
  • Getting objects attributes
  • Deleting objects
  • Reading object contents
  • Writing an object
  • Configurable retries with Truncated Exponential Backoff

Yay, another Google Cloud Storage Python Library

There’s yet another Python library for Google Cloud Storage library out there, mine ;-). It’s called gcs-client and it’s a somewhat mix of Google’s Api Python Client (without the discovery) and Google’s App Engine GCS Client. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to play with Google’s Cloud Storage using Python and found that none of the big libraries fit my profile. On one had I had the Google Api Python Client which is really neat, but it is too […]