Daily Archives: 23/05/2018

Don’t rewrite your driver. 80 storage drivers for containers rolled into one!

Do you work with containers but your storage doesn’t support your Container Orchestration system? Have you or your company already developed an Openstack/Cinder storage driver and now you have to do it again for containers? Are you having trouble deciding how to balance your engineering force between storage driver development in OpenStack, Containers, Ansible, etc? Then read on, as your life may be about to get better. Introduction For a long time, each Container Orchestration solution had its own storage […]

Ansible Storage Role: automating your storage solutions

Were you in the middle of writing your Ansible playbooks to automate your software provisioning, configuration, and application deployment when you realized you had to manage your storage as well? And it turns out that each of your storage solutions has a completely different Ansible module. Now you have to figure out how each module works to create ad-hoc tasks for each one. What a pain! If this has happened to you, or if you are interested in automating your […]

Cinderlib: Every storage driver on a single Python library

Wouldn’t it be great if we could manage any storage array using a single Python library that provided the right storage management abstraction? Imagine writing your own Python storage management software and not caring about the backend or the connection. What if your code was backend and connection agnostic so the same method was used for RBD/Ceph, NetApp, Solidfire, XtremIO, Kaminario, 3PAR, or any other vendor’s storage, and iSCSI, FC, RBD, or any other connections. Your code would call the […]