W8’s BSoD has an emoticon, are you kidding me? 1



For the past 2 days I’ve been playing around with Android Studio, and I don’t know what’s been more frustrating, the fact that it crashes my Windows 8.1 every now and then or that Windows 8’s Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) has an emoticon.

I would like to know who first thought of the idea of including a sad emoticon in this screen, and what train of thought led him to believe that it was, in fact, a good idea.

It may have come from those funny 404 error pages you find while browsing the web that make it less painful the fact that the page or link is not there. But who would think it’s equivalent not being able to access a web page and losing part of your work? Not me, because every time I see that sad smiley I want to punch it in the face…

But what surprises me most is that probably someone else ratified the notion that it was a nice idea and that it should be there in the final release!!

I’m sure they even thought of using Comic Sans as the font…


PS: I hope Publicize works fine this time and doesn’t post this one in LinkedIn. XD